Saturday, August 8, 2009


Kakom was held from 19-22th of July at Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis(KMP). This is absolutely my first time joining national competition. Before the competition started, i still couldn't believe that i was representing KMM for table tennis. During my first game against KMNS, i was quite nervous seeing how technical my opponent played. Besides, i was thinking the strategies of beating him and did whatever i can. Luckily, i won 3-1 quite easily as he was not performing well. For the second game, my opponent was from KMP. That game was quite relax and i won him 3-0 as he was not playing table tennis before. However, the consequent game was quite tough. With the support from my teacher and friends, i won him luckily 3-2. Finally, i lost to KMP and KMJ for the following games. That was a great experience for me as i could see spiritual athletes playing with ethics.

Poor visibility in malacca

Since i came back to KMM last Sunday, there is air pollution everyday. This make me not only difficult to breath but also hard to concentrate on my studies. The most adverse impact is the view of the campus has been deteriorated.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ's DEAD!! satisfied?

Michael Jackson's dead...a shocking news to all the fans of the whole world.
I'm not much a fan of MJ but I listened to his songs before, they were so grand to me.
As everyone knows, MJ was a black before he went to surgery to change into a white.
At that time of racial discrimination, everyone just adore the whites and the blacks are only slaves to everyone else.
We, the future generation who are free from racial discrimination (almost) often says that he wasted his money to do cosmetic surgery whereas he should be using those wealth he had to give to charity.
My personal opinion to this matter is the money if his, whatever he wanted to do with the money is his matter. We don't have the right to criticise about the way of his spending. Besides, at that time to become a white is a dream of a lot of coloured people's dream as whites rule the world at that time. We doesn't understand as now the world has slowly changed itself into a much more fairer without those wars between races and without come races ruling over others.
We say he doesn't do good to the poor. But when he built a Neverland for those children then we say he sexually abuses them. WHAT DO WE WANT FROM HIM? Some even start suing him non-stop just to slowly get his wealth. What did he had done wrong? Until now he has already at the brink of bankruptcy, some others still continue to sue him just to get the last drop of wealth from him. What does this people want? He provide us with a world of pop but in return we give him criticises and and take back everything we gave him. What are we? Why can't we just give him what he want and just release him from all this pain?
Now MJ has left us forever. For those who still want to sue him can continue suing his manager but he ain't coming back to give music as he had used to. Like Elvis, the King has left the house and will only reappear in our memory.
MJ can't live forever but his music will forever be with us in this world. I just hope the world can finally stop making bad comments and suing him. Let him happily go to heaven with our grief. Let's give him what he wanted which was loving him.