Saturday, August 8, 2009


Kakom was held from 19-22th of July at Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis(KMP). This is absolutely my first time joining national competition. Before the competition started, i still couldn't believe that i was representing KMM for table tennis. During my first game against KMNS, i was quite nervous seeing how technical my opponent played. Besides, i was thinking the strategies of beating him and did whatever i can. Luckily, i won 3-1 quite easily as he was not performing well. For the second game, my opponent was from KMP. That game was quite relax and i won him 3-0 as he was not playing table tennis before. However, the consequent game was quite tough. With the support from my teacher and friends, i won him luckily 3-2. Finally, i lost to KMP and KMJ for the following games. That was a great experience for me as i could see spiritual athletes playing with ethics.

Poor visibility in malacca

Since i came back to KMM last Sunday, there is air pollution everyday. This make me not only difficult to breath but also hard to concentrate on my studies. The most adverse impact is the view of the campus has been deteriorated.